Our Story

Ceramic Drying Shelf

An exploration into how objects can have a positive impact on our daily lives

In 2013 we were on a mission to explore the world of specialty coffee and the numerous methods of brewing coffee. We found the ritual of brewing morning coffee to be very intriguing, along with the varying results each method produced.  During this undertaking we stumbled upon a method called slow drip cold brewing, a process where cold water is used to extract the coffee resulting in a lower acidity, allowing the natural flavors of the coffee to shine.  The problem was the existing equipment to brew with this method was very large and expensive, not ideal for brewing at home.  So, we decide to make our own out of a cut up milk jug and some acrylic tube. We were blown away by how different, and delicious the resulting coffee was. We decided we needed to share this with the rest of the specialty coffee community. That was when we formed Bruer and decided launched our creation (or, a better designed version of it) on Kickstarter a crowd funding platform. Our campaign was successful raising over 600% of our funding goal, and after many long trips we began manufacturing Cold Bruer in China to meet our demand and keep the costs reasonable for our customers.

As exciting and educational that venture has been, we noticed a void in the experience.  Having our Cold Bruers made in China, left us disconnected from the making process.  A step which we feel builds a deeper connection between us and our customers, and gives us more pride and greater satisfaction in the products we produce.  This began our exploration into ceramics, and more specifically slip casting.  We began producing small porcelain sample cups to hand out at trade shows, and once we began to feel more comfortable with the process we got to work on our first product the cradle mug, a double walled stoneware mug with a connected bottom to comfortably warm your hands as you sip your favorite beverage.